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The complex includes a medieval church which is accessed from an ancient sacristy. The building consists of two parts, one of which was probably used as a choir by the monks. The flooring and plastering date back to the 10th century, while the crypt dates back to around 1200. The public church was created by raising the ancient building only after the monks definitively abandoned the abbey.

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The current church is located in the small square, not far from where the Ecclesia Sancti Fructuosi de capite pontis stood along the ancient "Roman" road. The church was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The last time, on 6 April 1912, a fire completely destroyed it with all its furnishings and its reconstruction began in 1915. The inauguration took place in 1922.


The abbey church is in exposed stone with the exception of the central portion of the facade, on the square, which has a recently built plaster.

The interventions carried out on all the surfaces have mainly countered the abundant proliferation of biodeteriogens, particularly present in the more humid areas close to the mountain and have provided for the compensation of the mortar joints which in large areas were deficient and in other cases had already been integrated but with incompatible materials.


We can summarize the operations carried out in:

  • Biocide treatment

  • Cleaning with water and brushes

  • Integration of joints and cracks with compatible mortars

  • Realization of sagramatura on the main façade

  • Color balance of surfaces

  • Protective treatment


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