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A Catholic place of worship is an integral part of the Grande Museo del Duomo in Milan. Originally it was a baptistery,  San Giovanni alle Fonti, later called also the Church of the Source. Some scholars do not exclude that Azzone Visconti had this church restored by dedicating it to the Virgin and Saint Gottardo; the patron saint of disorders related to calculations and throat pains,  diseases that constantly afflicted him.



The church was built in 1336 by order of the lord of Milan Azzone Visconti, next to the palaces of power (the current Royal Palace) and bishop. Little of the original aspect has reached us, despite the testimony of the elegant bell tower, whose base was decorated by the fresco of Giotto today preserved inside. 
The current layout of the church is the result of the intervention of Vanvitelli and his student Piermarini, who between 1770 and 1780, sacrificed the original facade of the church to make room for the staircase of honor of the Royal Palace.
It is from 1800 that the Church undergoes more and more changes and restoration works. Under the direction of Piermarini was enlarged and arranged.
With the inclusion in the exhibition area of the Grande Museo del Duomo, completely renovated in 2016, San Gottardo has once again become a coveted and sought-after place of worship.

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