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What's this?

The Giornale dei Lavori is intended to be a "diary" platform with the aim of collecting some of the most important restoration works carried out by the Magistri company to make the visitor experience the climate of the construction site; an atmosphere full of surprises, amazement, art, unexpected events and great satisfactions.






Which document linked to the world of restoration can best express the idea of the "logbook" ?. The work journal is for us restorers a document that serves to monitor the progress of the work from a technical and operational point of view; a diary to be updated daily.



Impresa di Restauro Magistri S.R.L, Chiesa di Sant'Agata, Oggiono.jpg

Who is the project aimed at?

To all operators who turn their attention to the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.


Share experiences and daily life of operators and technicians working in the conservative restoration sector,  with an eye to the contents and the value of disclosure.

Who is the restorer?

The job of the restorer is something very interesting, tiring, fascinating, creative, meticulous, complicated. The restorer is a skilled craftsman who takes care of ancient, artistic or architectural works, and restores their original aesthetic appearance and usability, respecting their historical location and the artistic, emotional and technical values expressed by the artist. To restore means to restore splendor to the works that have spanned the centuries and bear their signs; it means traveling through time and touching objects from different eras.

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San Fruttuoso Impreda di Restauro Magistri S.R.L.jpg.jpg


The platform, just like a construction site, is constantly evolving. By accessing specific sites, the user can immerse himself in truly different cultural scenarios; can examine the before and after processing through a wide photographic selection, closely examine the videos concerning logistics and participate in the behind the scenes; you can contact us directly from the site, follow us on our social networks and stay up to date.


Visit the shipyard archive

Restoration made in Italy

Restauro made in Italy is a promotional video of the Italian Artistic and Architectural Restoration commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2019 and created by the Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic, Urban Restoration.

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