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The ironic work, created in the Leake Street Tunnel, portrays a man, most likely a city worker, who appears to be cleaning a wall covered with some prehistoric drawings. The immediate reaction of every spectator is one of shock and horror, as this maintenance worker, without realizing it, is erasing these precious prehistoric graffiti. Comparing graffiti with ancient prehistoric rock painting, Banksy questions the value society attaches to works of art. The work underlines how much art is often destroyed by those who do not understand it. Memory loss is the most serious form of giving up knowledge.

Impresa di Restauro Magistri S.R.L, Controfacciata Duomo di Milano.jpg

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Impresa di Restauro Magistri S.R.L Monumenti vivi.jpg

Restoration and biodiversity

Impresa di Restauro Magistri S.R.L, Restauro del monumento funebre di Cristina Belgiojoso

Cristina Belgiojoso

Impresa di Restauro Magistri S.R.L, Chiesa di Sant'Agata, Oggiono.jpg



San Giorgio Rovagnate

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